We Specialize in Covering Defense Contactors and Government Service Contractors

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Our Commitment to Defense Contractors and Government Service Contractors

Menicucci Insurance Agency offers services providing insurance and risk management solutions to the ever changing and dynamic industry of Defense and Government Service Contracting.

We have had the privilege of structuring specific insurance programs to accomodate the needs of companies in a wide range of services from providing logisital support services in the former Soviet Union to companies that specialize in the development of technology to disrupt enemy combatant communications.

Our clients work with a wide range of military and government agencies that range from the Army to the Department of Energy.

We work with insurance companies and underwriters who understand that companies who operate in this space are one contract away from doing a widge range of things.

We believe their insurance broker and company needs to be able to keep up with them.

And Menicucci Insurance Agency is committed to making sure that happens.

Why you should choose our agency

Our Proven Experience

There's no doubt that the Menicucci Insurance Agency has already provided services to Defense Contractors and Government Service Contractors.

Our Commitment to Quality

Top quality insurance is our priority. We make sure that our clients are satisfied with their insurance needs.

Our Competitive Services

Our knowledge of insurance needs, devotion to customer service, and quality products is highly competitive in the insurance industry.

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