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Job Description Posted on May 3, 2016

Job Summary:  The Senior Account Manager performs the essential duties of the position, which include providing service to new and existing accounts, maintaining the highest degree of relationships between the producer, client, companies and agency personnel.  Provides direction to Account Managers and Assistant Account Managers.  Works under the direction of the Producers and Commercial Lines Manager.

Standards of Performance:

1.     Actively supports and incorporates company mission and core values into daily activities.

2.     Maintains a positive and respectful attitude with colleagues.

3.     Works as a team member to achieve department goals and overall company goals.

4.     Demonstrates positive customer service skills, internally and externally, with effective communication, respect and integrity.

5.     Maintains confidentiality of all information related to clients, customers, employees, carriers, or as appropriate, other information.

6.     Consistently reports to work on time prepared to perform duties of position.

7.     Demonstrates leadership skills and continually leads by example.

Essential Duties:

1.     Handles the more complex accounts in specific lines of business.

2.     Handles client service requests of all types.

3.     Performs functions on agency management system proficiently and assists others.

4.     Follows procedure manual and outlined agency standards.

5.     Processes, maintains and prepares new and renewal accounts for marketing, placement and delivery to producers or clients as directed.  Handles normal account service activity including endorsements, audits, invoicing, etc.

6.     Works closely with the Producers and Commercial Lines Manager.

7.     Is responsible for policy processing and quality control.

8.     Performs additional assigned duties as necessary.

9.     Acts as a resource to others, with the abilities to train others.

10.  Has both inside and outside involvement with customers and company representatives; may accompany producer(s) on sales presentations.

11.  Researches and analyzes data contributing to the development and enhancements of the client’s insurance program and recommends coverages.

Qualification Requirements:

1.     Possesses a supportive and responsive manner with internal and external customers.

2.     Possesses a High School diploma or equivalent.

3.     Has a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the insurance industry or related business.

4.     Holds a current property/casualty agents’ license.

5.     Has ability to perform multiple tasks in complex working environment accurately and efficiently.

6.     Possesses above average computer knowledge and skills.

7.     Has knowledge and experience necessary for independent decision-making ability.

8.     Holds at least one professional designation.

9.     Possesses excellent organizational and technical skills; is a self-starter and problem solver.

10.  Is capable of a servicing volume above industry standards.


Commenserate with the industry


Salaries are determined based on experience.

Job Hours

Full Time



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