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Menicucci Insurance offers construction insurance to contractors, subcontractors and property owners. If you have specific risk management needs, we can create custom insurance solutions for you. From plans that cover excess liability to construction equipment, our policies offer a wide range of coverage. Menicucci Insurance is here to protect your interests.

We recognize that your needs evolve over time, and we’re always looking for more opportunities to improve risk management strategies. Our expert agents have built our reputation on integrity and dependability - from small crews to large contractors, we will be by your side.

Menicucci Insurance works with our clients to identify areas that are vulnerable to losses. If you need custom risk management solutions that are tailored to your exact needs, it’s time to schedule an appointment with one of our expert agents.



The Never Changing Evolution of Construct Defects

4 Types of Construction Defects

  1. Design Deficiencies. Some architects and engineers may design buildings and systems that don't always work out as planned.  

  2. Material Deficiencies. Building materials may be defective, leading to failure despite proper design and construction.  

  3. Construction Deficiencies. Poor quality workmanship can result in a range of damages. 

  4. Operation and Maintenance. Once construction is complete and a project is handed over to its owner, it's important that the construction be maintained.

How To Manage Construction

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Be proactive about avoiding construction defects.

  1. Keep up with current codes and standards.

  2. Understand the products you use.

  3. Be careful about your selection of subcontractors.

  4. Use risk transfer opportunities.

  5. Document the construction process.

  6. Have good Quality Assurance/Quality Control

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