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Defense & Government

Defense & Government Contracts

Menicucci Insurance offers insurance and risk management solutions to accommodate the ever-changing industry of Defense and Government Service Contracting.

Our experience with clients ranging from the military to government agencies, such as the Army and the Department of Energy.

Risk Management

Defense and Government Contracting is a dynamic industry. Menicucci Insurance Agency offers incredible products and services.

Specific Insurance

Menicucci Insurance Agency accommodates the needs of our defense and government contractors. We have specific programs that meet your needs.

Logistical Support

Our clients work with a wide range of defense and government agencies and Menicucci Insurance Agency is able to keep up with their ongoing needs.

More About Us

Our Clients

Our clients work with a wide range of government and military agencies. They specialize in the following areas:

The Army
Air Force
The Department of Energy
Homeland Defense
Nuclear Energy Department
Jumping Off the Plane
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has you covered.

Our international coverage includes the Defense Base Act.

Our Defense and Government Clients are Involved in

Logistical support services under the Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Management of White Sands Missle Range

Management of bases around the country

Cyber and IT security and consulting

Staff augmentation

Support services for the Department of Energy

Development and deployment for radiation detection straddle carriers in ports around the world

Directed energy

Protective services both domestic and abroad

Weapons components design and manufacturing

Managment consulting and contract management

Emergency Evacuation, Repatriation

IED detection and jamming technology

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Menicucci Insurance can take care of your defense contract needs.


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