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Dependability and integrity are core values at Menicucci Insurance. If you’re looking to acquire surety bonds, come visit our office in Albuquerque. Our expert agents are ready to discuss your plans and help minimize risk.


Commercial Surety Bonds represent all other bonds that are not classified as contract bonds.


With careful planning and underwriting, we can eliminate negative factors and contribute towards a successful project delivery for all parties. 

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We Specialize in Surety Bonds

Commercial Surety

There are many uses for Commercial Surety Bonds, such as being compliant with certain state requirements, job duties, statuses, court-enforced requirements, and faithful performance.

License and Permit


Court Bonds

Public Official Bonds

Miscellaneous Bonds

Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds

Financial Chart

Contract Surety

We achieve success through professionalism, customer evaluation, and credit management. Contract Surety Bonds are commonly referred to as bid, performance, and payment bonds. Contract Surety Bonds provide specific benefits to:

Project Owners





And provide protection for:




Risk Managers

Tax Payers

Office Building

Why Do Contractors Move From Bonding Agents?

Slow Approvals

This can also include declination of bid request.

Request Largest Job

Some clients need to switch to sureties due to the size of their job.

Pushing Backlog

You may need to switch to a surety bond if your work volume has increased.

Rates Are Too High

This happens, and our agency can help you make the switch to sureties.

Agency Sells to a Broker

This a perfect opportunity to make the switch to a surety bond.

Personal Indemnity

Switching to surety bonds is necessary to protect yourself from suffering losses.

Ownership Change

Changing ownership is a good time to change from to a surety bond.

What Contractors Need Bonds?

Any contractor who is involved in the following activities is likely in need of surety bonds:

Road, Dirt, Paving, Bridge

General Contractors

Sub Trades

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