Home & Workplace Safety Tips for #NationalSafetyMonth

June is #NationalSafetyMonth and Menicucci Insurance Agency believes that safety is important for the workplace and anyplace - especially our homes.

Here are some home and workplace safety tips to practice:

WorkPlace Safety Tips

  • Communicate the importance of safety culture.

  • Host regular safety training and encourage situational awareness.

  • Provide proper safety equipment and PPE. Keep all equipment and facilities in good condition.

  • Encourage your employees to take regular breaks, stay hydrated, and to not skip steps.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and always report hazardous conditions.

Home Safety Tips

  • always keep the doors locked

  • always keep the doors closed

  • keep the medicine in safe cabinets

  • keep the floor dry at all times

  • always have an emergency plan

  • ensure that alarm systems are working

  • turn on security lights at night

  • keep certain rooms locked

  • never give our personal information to people on the internet

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