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How To Prepare For An OSHA Inspection

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the government agency that monitors and enforces compliance with workplace safety laws. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, Compliance Safety and Health Officers (CSHOs) have the authority to inspect the facilities of any employer subject to OSHA’s regulations. Employers have a right to request a warrant for inspection - although it might buy employers some time, it will likely broaden the inspection and give the CSHO a negative impression.

Here are some common reasons for an OSHA Inspection:

  • Imminent danger situations

  • Fatalities or severe injuries reported to OSHA

  • Worker complaints

  • Referral inspections (Other agencies, third parties or media)

  • Programmed inspections (targeted or follow-ups)

Here are some guidelines on how you can prepare for an OSHA inspection:

  • You should have principal contacts for the inspection. Document the list of designated employees and train them on all aspects of an OSHA audit. Ensure enough personnel are trained in case of a scheduling conflict.

  • Decide where the CSHO will be placed and where employee interviews will occur.

  • Have updated safety documentation prepared to be presented to the CSHO.

  • Train all managers on how to contact the proper personnel and where to place the CSHO while everyone is being notified.

  • Assemble an inspection kit:

    • A camera for video and photography recording

    • Required PPE

    • Labels or stamps to mark information that should be tagged as “confidential” or “trade secret”

    • Basic facility information (e.g., type of work performed, number of employees, names of management personnel, list of contact information)Contact information for the local OSHA office

    • Testing equipment (Check calibrations and expirations on equipment regularly.)

Want more detailed information and checklist? Download the document below, provided by Menicucci Insurance Agency.

Preparing for an OSHA Inspection_Menicucci Insurance Agency
Download PDF • 1.62MB

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