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Mark Menicucci Awarded IIANM's 2021 Outstanding Agent Of The Year Award

CEO and Co-owner with Brian Menicucci of Menicucci Insurance Agency, Mark Menicucci was given the 2021 Outstanding Agent Of The Year Award by Independent Insurance Agents Of New Mexico (IIANM).

The requirements for an agent to receive the IIANM's Outstanding Agent of the Year Award are to demonstrate consistent dedication to:

  • their profession by involvement in national, state or local association activities

  • personal efforts to further themselves as an insurance professional

  • skills in selling insurance

  • involvement in community activities

Mark feels honored to have received such an important award and says that it was a big surprise to him.

"I am very humbled. I did not expect it, at all," said Mark Menicucci.

After receiving the award, Mark shares how proud he is to be apart of the insurance industry. With three of his children working along side him at Menicucci Insurance Agency, Mark says it's a rewarding industry to be in and agents have the opportunity to help people constantly.

"We are protecting the assets of people’s homes, businesses and lives," said Mark. "They, in return, are trusting us with everything they own or have, to protect them from accidents/claims that could hurt their livelihood. Our responsibility is huge, but knowing that we fulfill these promises with our great group of Insurance Companies we [Menicucci Insurance Agency] represent, is very empowering!"

Mark's main focus is on the clients, the employees, and the underwriters, and the same goes for Menicucci Insurance Agency. Everyone works as a team to accomplish the shared goal of helping the clients and providing the best Insurance Programs at the most competitive price. There are no ‘one man or one woman islands,’ as Mark says. The team at Menicucci Insurance is very focused on serving the clients and accomplishing goals - and yet, despite all the busyness, there is still room for recognition of individuals.

"I love being able to help people every day. These are all wonderful people, each trying to live their lives and be a part of something bigger, like their families, then just themselves. I have come to a place in my life that I want to see others around me succeed in whatever it is they are doing to reach their highest potential as a human being."

Congratulations, Mark! The Menicucci Insurance Team is so proud to have him has a leader in not only the agency, but the insurance industry as a whole.


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