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Menicucci Insurance Expands Into Southern New Mexico

From left to right: Mark Menicucci and Brian Menicucci (Co-Owners of Menicucci Insurance Agency)

Menicucci Insurance Agency, a privately held, local and family-owned company, has expanded into southern New Mexico by acquiring Insurance Unlimited, an independent insurance agency located in Las Cruces and Silver City, NM.

Menicucci Insurance Agency has had a long standing relationship with Insurance Unlimited, and has worked closely with it’s previous owner, Dave Roberts, for many years. Co-owner of Menicucci Insurance Agency, Brian Menicucci says that Dave is exactly the kind of person they want on their team.

“It’s rewarding to do this with Dave,” said Brian. “We have talked to him about being a part of our team, and just the way things have gone over the past few years, Dave was at a point where he needed more help and more resources and we [Menicucci Insurance Agency] needed more quality team members. And somebody like that, that’s a good person, a professional, honest and full of integrity really fits in well with our team.”

This is Menicucci Insurance Agency’s first acquisition and geological footprint outside of their headquarters in Albuquerque, NM. Co-owner, and father of Brian, Mark Mencicucci says they are excited for this growth and opportunity to better serve the southern parts of the state.

“It’s been a long term goal,” said Mark. “I’ve known Dave for many years and I have always wanted to work with him, and we definitely see an advantage to be in that area. Having the opportunity to be available and write insurance for people locally, both personal and business insurance, is exciting for us.”

Menicucci Insurance Agency feels that this acquisition is the first of many milestones they hope to accomplish in the future, and they are ready to serve the locals and businesses in Las Cruces, Silver City and the surrounding areas.

“For me personally, it feels like a pretty big accomplishment,” said Brian. “It’s been an action item we've been wanting to learn, so I think it was a victory in finding the right person, a really good team and accounts that fit well within our organization. And it gives us more opportunities to continue to grow and serve throughout the state of New Mexico.”

This unity between Menicucci Insurance Agency and Insurance Unlimited has strong benefits for both sides, and Brian says there's several things to be excited about.

"Firstly, we [Menicucci Insurance Agency] have stronger benefit packages, stronger compensation and there’s more room for them to grow professionally within our organization because we are significantly larger, but we still keep that small family, high performing team environment."

"Secondly, we have greater and broader market access to more insurance companies that Dave and his team couldn’t access before for their existing customers. It’s great for them because they have a lot more opportunity to grow personally, professionally and have tremendously better benefits, from health insurance to 401K plans to compensation packages, and now they also have an organization that is able to support their growth."

"Lastly, we have a really cutting edge suite of technology that we can deploy, not only for them and to take care of their customers, but also their customers now have access in terms of safety and risk control resources," said Brian.

The Menicucci Insurance Team is eager to provide their expert services throughout the southern part of New Mexico. Having a strong presence in Las Cruces and the surrounding areas is great for the agency's continuous goal of growth and expansion, especially as the Las Cruces population has been rapidly growing in recent years.

"It’s our first acquisition and it’s in our business model to grow, whether it's through acquisitions or organically with our existing team members, and now we have a model we can use to acquire small agencies in the future and continuously add people to our team," said Brian.

Along with the agency's efforts towards growth and expansion, Mark says it's also one of their company values to provide opportunities and resources for their team members to grow in and out of their careers.

"We promised Dave and his staff that things will change but only for the better," said Mark. "We are going to help them grow business-wise, and part of what we believe in, for everybody, is that we want to help them grow both personally and professionally."

To learn more about what Menicucci Insurance Agency can offer you, please contact our team at (505) 883-3683 or visit online at

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