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Are You Covered For A Wildfire?

May is #NationalWildfirePreventionMonth! Are you and your business covered for a wildfire? Below are five tips you should follow to make sure you are protected against wildfires...

  • Conduct an annual insurance check up. Contact your insurance company or agent to annually to review your policy limits and coverage. It's important to ensure that your policy accurately reflects your property's square footage and features.

  • Understand your policy's coverage details. The details of your policy matter and could make all the difference in the financial assistance you receive should you experience a wildfire-related loss.

  • Make sure you're insured at the right value. Making updates to your property affects its replacement cost, and if you don't notify your insurer, you risk being underinsured if you experience a loss.

  • Keep an updated inventory. A well-documented listing of your belongings can help simplify the claims process should you need to file a claim. Review your inventory on an annual basis.

  • Don't forget about coverage if you're a renter. It's a common misconception that a landlord's policy protects renters. The truth is renters can lose everything in a fire and without insurance protections it may be financially devastating.

Have questions or want to learn more? Contact your expert agent at (505) 883-3683 or visit

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