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Celebrating National Mentoring Month with Mark Menicucci: Insights from a Family-Owned Business

Owner and CEO of Menicucci Insurance Agency, Mark Menicucci has extensive experience in all areas of insurance and risk management. He started his insurance career in 1978 and in 1996 lead a team that built a book of premium that was in excess of $15 million. Mark was one of three producers throughout the United States to be awarded the Summit Council six times. 

Mark’s industry leadership has been integral in the development and success at Menicucci Insurance Agency, and as a family-owned business his mentorship and guidance as a father has been just as invaluable.

"He gave me my first opportunity in the insurance industry," says Brian Menicucci, Co-Owner and President. "Ever since I can remember, he has taught me strong work ethic and to do the right thing. I feel extremely blessed to have my dad and to be able to work with him."

Mark has always seen the value in coming together to strive for something great, something that will reach and help many people. This dedication and commitment is unwavering in all aspects of his life.

 "From the time I was little to now, he [Mark] has always made himself available to me for guidance and support," says Sarah Menicucci, Vice President.

Sarah shares that with his extensive knowledge and experience in the insurance industry, Mark works tirelessly to be available as a trusted resource for her, every employee and every client. His values and compassion for others has been passed down through the environment he's established both in and out of the workplace.

"There is an extra sense of security when learning and growing," says Sarah. "He [Mark] shares his knowledge and guidance with me for everything. I love that this isn't just a job for me that is due to my dad. This is as part of me as my family is part of me."

Kevin Menicucci, Sr. Vice President and Bonds Manager, affirms that Mark strives to create a culture where everyone is valued, prioritized and taken care of no matter the circumstance. Kevin shares how Mark's impact is noticed and appreciated by everyone he meets.

"He’s always been my rock, someone that I can go to for any advice and I know he will lead me in the right direction," says Kevin. "Without my dad, I wouldn’t be where I am today. You know the impact that Mark has had on people’s lives when you see him walk into a room.  Everyone wants to be around him, he is just a fantastic father, husband, mentor and a great friend who you know you can count on for anything."

Left to right: Kevin, Brian, Mark and Sarah Menicucci

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